Class Length : 8 Hours

Cost : $125

Skill Level : Intermediate


This class is designed to help students who are already familiar with carbine type weapons take their skills to the next level. Building on the fundamental skills covered in the Intro level class, this class introduces new elements such as shooting under stress, using load bearing equipment (plate carriers, chest rigs, belts, etc.), emergency and tactical reloading, shooting on the move, shooting from adverse positions, and more.


This class is taught by Andy Hewitt, a veteran of the US Army's 75th Ranger Regiment with multiple combat deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan, and Matt Schneider, owner of Sugar Creek Shooting Range and NRA / KY Department of Criminal Justice Training certified firearms instructor.


 Intro to Carbine (Not mandatory, but students must be familiar with carbine rifles.)

What To Bring

At least one serviceable carbine type rifle (AR/M4 variants, AK variants, etc.) 500 rounds of ammunition. (Sugar Creek Range will have 5.56/.223, 5.45, and 7.62x39 for sale if you need it.) Weapon must be semiautomatic with a detachable magazine. A two point sling is highly recommended. At least three good working magazines. A way to carry extra mags (vest, belt, rig, etc). Long pants and shoes you can stand up for several hours in. The class will still be held in inclement weather, so prepare accordingly. Bring a water bottle, there will be a water fill up station on the range. There will also be cheeseburgers and hot dogs during lunch break, or there is a Subway and a McDonalds nearby. There is a fridge available in the clubhouse if you would like to bring something else. When you arrive at the clubhouse, please be sure the gun and magazines that you will use for the class are unloaded.