250 Yard Rifle

Our rifle range is a five bench, covered range which stretches out to 250 yards. The range is scenically located alongside Sugar Creek. Range distances are marked and target stands are provided. 

20 Yard Pistol


Our pistol bays are 20 yards deep with a roof over half of the firing line for rainy days in bay 1. Target stands are provided. The range is primarily used for pistols, but can accommodate rifle calibers as well. This range can be modified to accommodate various shooting events. be aware of non-rifle rated steel in pistol bay.

75 Yard Multi-Purpose

tactical range 2.jpg

The 75 yard multi-purpose range gives us the ability to move and shoot, as well as set up different obstacles and training scenarios. Vehicles can be easily driven onto this range. This area is used for training classes and competitive events, but when not in use, is also available to our members.

Skeet Range


The skeet range is an open range with a clay pigeon launcher that overlooks the beautiful scenery of Garrard County. it is easily accessible and sits to the right before you head down to the range.


Range Rules

  • Ear/eye protection required at all times

  • Follow all commands from the Range Safety Officer (RSO)

  • Keep all weapons pointed down range at all times

  • Keep guns unloaded until ready to shoot

  • Keep your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot

  • Keep shooting space neat. One loaded gun at a time

  • If you hear the command "Cease Fire", immediately stop shooting and wait for instructions

  • If you see an unsafe situation, call "Cease Fire!" Anyone can call a cease fire

  • Make sure the range is cold before you walk out to your target!

  • If you need assistance, keep gun pointed downrange and raise other hand for a Range Safety Officer (RSO)

  • No alcohol or drugs

  • No bouncing or exploding targets

  • Only fire as fast as you can accurately hit the target

  • No bumpfire

  • Moving and shooting /Position shooting / Drawing from holster with the RSO's permission only!